Complete or partial dentures are a viable alternative for missing teeth. As a patient you have to realize dentures will never fit or feel as good as your natural teeth, especially lower dentures which are prone to retention problems. Dentures are made of a hard acrylic that is moulded to form to your existing tissues. Remember when you don't have teeth you will lose your bone over time and you may need your denture relined or a new one down the road.


The Process

The first step in making you the dentures of your dreams is to establish your goals and expectations. Bring in a photo of your smile when you were younger or the smile you always wanted. 

The next step is taking preliminary impressions of your upper and lower jaw to get custom trays.

Once the final impressions are taken we create a smile design where you pick out the colour, look and feel of your teeth.

Then we get the dentures made and delivered.



Remember you can always get a better fitting denture by anchoring them into the bone with implants.